Thursday 24 April 2008

Smooth Newts On The Prowl


Cheryl said...

A pond so full of life, amazing.

A wildlife gardener said...

* I am amazed each year by all the life in the ponds, Cheryl. It took a few years before we had newts. The frogs came the first year. Then we found toads in the outhouse. But there was great excitement when we found the first newt. It was hiding under a large stone around the pond at the back of the house. It looked so frail and didn't move...until we moved away...and he disappeared into the pond :)

Shirley said...

Hi again Wildlife Gardener, what great videos :-D

What wonderful video captures from your ponds! The newt really does look and behave like a tiny crocodile. I love the way it hides too. Perhaps it escapes capture by the heron more successfully than the frogs :-D

Please keep filming as we are all enjoying watching the wildlife in your ponds :-D

A wildlife gardener said...

* Welcome back, Shirl, to our little corner of paradise :)

I think you are right that the newts escape more easily from the heron than the taddies are able to.

They were so swift in disappearing it took me hours to capture just a brief second or two of footage of them.

It is thanks to you and Jamie that I was able to upload the three videos within minutes...before your help it used to take two hours and more to upload a three minute video. It's good fun to be able to share them :)