Friday 11 March 2011

Time Marches On

Taz among The Snowdrops

The month of February was mainly one of birdwatching, as nothing much stirred in the garden. Most of our plants are still dormant, and most of the garden sports the chaff of last year's blooms.

A Drift Of Snowdrops

Our first flowers are always Snowdrops - those sturdy, though fragile-looking, bulbs, which force their way through the soil each Spring, regardless of however fierce the weather may be.


Just when we think the weather is improving, and we might get our hands in the earth again, the arrival of snow puts paid to any such notions. The past week has seen gales as fierce as any we have experienced over the recent Winter, with showers of sleet and snow.


Joining the Snowdrops we have a small bank of Aconites which raise their heads skywards whenever we have a peep of sunshine. They, too, are a joy and delight and greet us like old friends.

Mixed Crocuses

Winter always seems so long, and Spring slow in coming each year; and, yet, the plants in the garden come to life at their alloted time, with everything in its season.


Our first Hellebores have just opened their heads. Later the deep-wine ones will carpet another area and colour an otherwise drab landscape.


We continue to have visits from the Sparrowhawk. She is a large female who finds her favourite perches while keeping a watchful eye on the whereabouts of Taz, the Barn Cat. Whenever the latter appears, the Sparrowhawk swoops low over the field and is gone, as quickly as she appeared.

The short video this month, called - Taz Among The Snowdrops And A Sparrowhawk - was taken throughout February and the beginning of March. The music which accompanies it is taken from my CD of Bach's Aria From Goldberg Variations.