Thursday 24 April 2008

Male Smooth Newt Comes To Dinner


Barbara said...

Strange, yesterday I already saw this little video and made a comment, but I see, that I failed. So here again, in Spring I also like to sit on our little pond and to watch all the busy newts. I wonder why frogs always dissapear after a while (perhaps too many cats around?). Up to now I haven't discovered one...I like your videos very much, you have a quiet hand for filming! Very good! It's also nice to hear the sounds of nature!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

A wildlife gardener said...

* Great to have your company, Barbara :)

Sometimes I leave comments and when I go back they have disappeared too. thank you for coming back to see the newts and share the birdsong :)

Cheryl said...

I loved watching this little mini video. Makes up for all that I have missed at the local ponds here.

A wildlife gardener said...

* I hope the wild creatures return to your local ponds, Cheryl. They bring the ponds to life. I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos. I had to post three as the newts only surfaced every so often and mainly fed on tadpoles from underneath, making it too difficult to film with a basic camera :)

sandy said...

I always love your videos and great pics above and love the education I get coming here.


A wildlife gardener said...

* Welcome back, dear Sandy, to our little corner of paradise :)

Thank you for visiting and saying such lovely things. I'm afraid the education thing is a case of 'once a teacher...always a teacher' :) :)