Wednesday 9 April 2008

Leap Frog At Barleycorn


Emmesse said...

FWOGGIES! Great video!

A wildlife gardener said...

Welcome back, emmesse. Long time no see :) I thought you would enjoy the video of the frogs :)

Shirley said...

Excellent Wildlife Gardener, I am absoloutely delighted to see this :-D

I am so glad you got sorted. It was worth waiting for - I can't beleive how noisy the frogs are.

I can easily imagine how you must have been feeling not able to use your new camera for videos (your husband too). This is just great as now that your videos take a shorter time to upload you may post more!

I have just heard from Jamie. Thanks for adding his link too as he has some great nestbox footage and fantastic shots of moon eclipses :-D

Barbara said...

Woooow...this great frog concert! It's amazing how loud it is!!! Wonderful post, my compliments!

A wildlife gardener said...

It is all thanks to you and Jamie that the video is finally on the blog, Shirl :)

I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, as I was repeating the uploading steps over and over again, with no success, no matter how may times I persevered.

It was such a puzzle as to why the AVI files on my previous camera were accepted by Google and Youtube and yet the ones on my new camera were not.

I have kept Jamie's instructions in case I can be of help to anyone who comes across a similar problem in the future :)

A wildlife gardener said...

Hello, Barbara. Lovely to see you again. I am so thankful to Shirl and Jamie for their help in getting the little video onto my blog :)

The sounds are wonderful, aren't they? There were around forty frogs that day but if I had used my wide-angle lens to show more of them and the pond, there would not have been the close-up shots of the frogs...but they certainly made themselves heard :)

Cheryl said...

A joy, an absolute joy, thank you.

A wildlife gardener said...

You are very welcome, dear Cheryl. Shirl and Jamie helped me upload my video...great to have friends :)

Anonymous said...

I love the video.
Wow, LOVE is in the air!

I have a few outside my window at night but nothing like you have!

I just dropped by to say hello
and to let you know there is a
little contest going on at My Serentity Garden
If you’d like to join in.

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome, dear Becky. Great to have your company :)

I'm glad you liked the frogs. I'll be right over to find out about your little contest :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, that's a lot of frogs!!