Saturday, 10 March 2007

Rosa Moyesii Geranium.

On another visit to my dear friend I was invited to dig up a different rose sapling, this time from beneath the parent bush itself. The cultivar, called Rosa Moyesii Geranium, originates from the mountains of Western China, and is one of the tall shrub roses.

I took the sapling home and planted it close by an alder tree, where it has tolerated the shade and dry conditions well. Although very hardy, which is a must in our area, I enjoy it for its dazzling single red flowers and its crown of yellow stamens, which are pollinated by the bees in May and June. The flowers are borne along open arching thorny stems, which, unfortunately, never fail to penetrate my gloves whenever I’m pruning them.

Not only are the flowers stunning, its pinnate leaves are interesting too, for they are medium-green above but grey on the reverse. Best of all, in Autumn it displays clusters of spectacular two-inch long orange-red flagon-shaped hips, which are quite unique when compared to the more common red hips. What better way to remember my generous friend that to have living reminders of her growing in my garden?


Green thumb said...

Beautiful flowers indeed!!

Thalia said...

Lovely flowers! I had never seen them before!
I must add that Hellebore flowers are one of my favourites. I like their exquisite designs! :-)

RUTH said...

So much of our garden holds memories in the plants we grow too.

Nicole said...

I love all your roses. What an idyllic garden. Thanks for yor comments on my blog.