Sunday, 4 March 2007

New Dawn.

At the front of the house around the porch entrance, which faces east, I planted a tiny cutting, no more than four inches in height, of the New Dawn rose, given to us by a thoughtful friend on her first visit to our garden. The blooms are a very pretty shade of shell pink, and fade to pearly-blush cream as the flowers fully open.

The lush foliage, which has an amazing lustre, maintains a dark green hue throughout the growing season. This outstanding, vigorous rambler needs ample space to grow, and a good pruning to keep it in check, but rewards you with years of fragrance and beauty, never failing to produce clusters of blooms. It is also one of the most disease-resistant roses and blooms from early Summer to the first frost.

Due to where I planted it, it certainly makes its presence felt, as it sheds its multitude of petals freely, and the ever-present wind takes advantage by blowing them, like confetti at a Summer wedding, right in our front door.

Let us faith and hope receive –
The rose still grows beyond the wall!
A. L. Frink


Thalia said...

I discovered your blog just a couple of days ago and I am very glad that I did. The pictures are fantastic and your writing is succinct yet refreshing.
And I would like to add that you are doing an amazing job on your garden. It is beautiful!

A wildlife gardener said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, Thalia. I'm writing the story of how we created our garden for wildlife. It's for my boys and any future grandchildren they might have. I include any watercolours I've done and my photos. As I have no written notes from the past sixteen years I have to rely on my memory, which is better some days than others!