Thursday, 18 January 2007

Our Feathered Friends.

We have a small room, which overlooks the back garden with its pond, and the field beyond them. Being adjacent to the kitchen, it was supposed to serve as a dining room, but having the advantage of two glass patio doors, we decided it would make an ideal hide for observing birds and any other wildlife which might come to the garden, without them feeling threatened by the presence of humans.

Opposite this room we planted several silver birch trees, now large with strong branches, from which my husband hangs his bird feeders, heavy-laden with nuts and seeds. In the early years, among the birds we observed coming to feed, were the common species of sparrow, blackbird, thrush and robin, as well as a variety of titmice and finches.

In the neighbouring field during Spring, we are able to watch the farmer’s tractor ploughing the furrows, leaving in its wake a trail of juicy grubs and worms, followed by large numbers of foraging gulls, jackdaws, crows and rooks.

In Autumn, after the combine has completed its task of gathering in the barley harvest, and the roly poly bales of barley straw are safely stored, these same birds return to the field to comb the stubble for any leftover seeds.

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