Thursday, 11 January 2007

Decisions, decisions.

We had had such a close bond with Beanie. Everything about her was so strongly imprinted in our minds, that it was difficult for us to imagine any other cat replacing her. She had been unique in our eyes, with endearing ways, very special to us. As a result, it was fully three years before we felt ready to have another cat.

One Saturday morning during the Easter holidays, we went to our local Cat Rescue Centre. While there, we were amazed to see such a large number of stray cats in cages. All were in need of good homes. We didn’t want to choose one which looked like Beanie, or a young kitten. But which one?

The noise of the caterwauling affected us so much, and the choice of cats was so wide, we found it difficult to make a quick decision. There were female cats with kittens, tom cats by themselves, mature older cats, and even a few pedigrees. The older ones looked sad and forlorn, the younger mewed incessantly. Each one was asking to be taken home. Finally, after dithering for more than an hour trying to make up our minds which cat to re-home, we left with, not one but, two.

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