Sunday, 14 January 2007

Amber, known affectionately as Baby.

Of the three cats we now had at Barleycorn, Amber was the friendliest, and though the smallest by far, he was the boss of the trio. Being the youngest as well as the smallest, he quickly became affectionately known as Baby, rather than by his Sunday name, Amber.

He had the sweetest temperament and was very affectionate by nature. Those amber eyes of his could melt any heart. Each morning he’d be the first to jump down from his chair to run to us and lay down at our feet to be stroked, after which he would crawl up our trouser-legs to be cuddled.

Every time we walked round the garden, either on our own or with friends, he would walk in front of us, tail up in the air at an angle, as if leading the way. When we stopped to admire a flower, he would stop too, as if listening to the conversation. Everyone found him amusing. He was such a character of a cat.

Curious by nature, he had a habit of jumping into the open boot of a car or van, parked in our drive by a plumber or a deliveryman. As a result we had to double-check he was still with us before the workmen left. Another habit of his in Summer, was to accompany us on the road to church, and on one occasion, even following us into the church, much to the congregation’s delight.

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