Saturday 26 July 2008

Busy Bumblebees At Barleycorn Video


Q said...

Thank you for this video.
I too am a bee lover.
BEE utiful bee! I also watched your video of the butterflies. They are fantastic too.

Anonymous said...

These bees are certainly busy. Thanks for sharing.sara from farmingfriends

A wildlife gardener said...

* Welcome to our little corner of paradise, Sherry :) I am so glad you like the little videos of the bumblies and the butterflies.

So far this year we have not had many butterflies. This is due to the inordinate amount of rain. I am still hopeful, though :)

* I love the buzzing of the bees, Sara..and I've not been hearing them so much this month, due to the rain which makes me sad. Bees make me smile more :)

Sheila said...

Hi WG, popping by to let you know I have a new blog, as of today.
I will write in a week or so when there should be news about my hubby.
Hope you and hubby are well. Happy New Year to you both