Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What Happens When You Kiss A Frog?

Kiss me, Froggie, Froggie, kiss me,
Thrill me, Froggie, Froggie, thrill me.
Don't care even if I blow my top,
But, Froggie, Froggie, don't stop!

I'd like to play a little game with you,
A little game especially made for two.

If you come close then I will show you how,
Closer, closer, now.

Kiss me, Froggie, Froggie, kiss me,
Thrill me, Froggie, Froggie, thrill me.

Don't care even if I blow my top,
But, Froggie, Froggie, don't stop!

We've never played this little game before,
If you relax then you'll enjoy it more.

Just settle down and let me teach you how,
Closer, closer, now.

Kiss me, Froggie, Froggie, kiss me,
Thrill me, Froggie, Froggie, thrill me.

Don't care even if I blow my top,
But, Froggie, Froggie, don't stop!

But, Froggie, Froggie, don't stop!

You kiss so well my lips begin to burn,
And I can tell I've got a lot to learn.

So hold me close and darling show me how,
Closer, closer, now.

Kiss me, Froggie, Froggie, kiss me,
Thrill me, Froggie, Froggie, thrill me.

Don't care even if I blow my top,
But, honey, honey, don't stop!

Don't care even if I blow my top.

But, Froggie, Froggie, don't stop,
Never stop!

The first official day of Spring for this year is 20th March. However, the warmer temperatures of the past few days have heated the shallows of our ponds, thus enabling the frogs to spawn one week earlier than in the previous two years. Enjoy the video of their antics...and turn up the volume to hear, amidst the cacophony of barking dogs, passing traffic and serenading birdsong, the amazing motorbike drone of the frog chorus at Barleycorn.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...
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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...
My goodness, you should've warned us of the graphic content of this post! I've never seen a group orgy before; oh, my virgin eyes! :-)

Sorrow said...

OH! spring!
oh do send a bit of warmth this way would you?
so tired of the cold and the rain.
I have heard the peepers in the morning, such a joyful sound!
lovely photo's any of them a prince?

Green thumb said...

WOW! I never knew that being a Peeping Tom can be so much fun! The Frogs certainly know how to celebrate spring in style.
You have an enviable knack of catching nature at work.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

I had heard of the expression Spring has sprang but Spring has spawned? ;-)

Fun post, you made me laugh and also reminded me of what I'm missing now that I don't have a pond. Enjoy your froggy friends!

Libby said...

Excellent post!! I love the row of froggies best!!

Jeanne said...

How fabulous.
I love all you share.
I love you

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome to the Leap Frog Session at Barleycorn :)

* Lovely to see you, Michelle :)

Things are hotting up here at the moment...I think you will need to be leather-clad, with your whip at the ready if you want to join in :)

* I think the frogs are trying to tell you how to keep warm, Sorrow :)

For the magic to happen and to find your prince you have to be prepared to offer a kiss... :)

* Well, they say in Spring a young frog's fancy turns to thoughts of love, Green Thumb...:)

* At Barleycorn, Spring has definitely spawned, Yolanda...and a week earlier this know what the young ones are like these days...anything goes :)

* There are certainly row upon row of froggies here, Libby :)

* Sending you love-vibes courtesy of the frogs, Jeanne :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Wildlife Gardener

How lovely to see so many frogs in your pond and so much spawn. A joy to my wildlife eyes.....
Poppi thinks she is a princess, but I do not think she is brave enough to kiss a frog!!

Deb said...

Such a cute post!

Dawn said...

Now that's a lot of frogs doing the wild thing! Great photos. And I love your song lyrics. What fun!

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome to all the froggie lovers out there :)

* Great to have your company, Cheryl :)

I, too, love to see the wildlife bringing the garden to life :)

* When Poppi reads of the little frogs in her fairy stories, I'm sure she will kiss them in her dreams..and find her prince on day :)

* Lovely to see you back, are most welcome :)

* Alma Cogan's song came into my mind as I was embedding the film I took, Dawn...and my train of thought remembered The Frog Prince..and I thought it would be a fun way to do the post on the frogs this year :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Excellent post, we have plenty of frogs around at the moment, nature is wonderful.

Sheila said...

This post made me smile WG..!
What a huge frog population (perhaps I should say population explosion!)you have.
As a child I left a kilner jar filled with frog spawn on a window sill the day we left to go on holiday. Didn't think to mention it to Mum. What a surprise we came home to..!

Barbara said...

When reading your joyful post and looking at the picture I had a smile on my face. I am still waiting for the frogs in our pond...perhaps they were already kissed and have changed into princes ;-) !!

Donell said...

Many fine frogs!

A wildlife gardener said...

It's lovely to welcome you to our little corner of paradise on this warm Spring day :)

* Great to see you, Duxbury Ramblers. I'm sure you will be out and about on these lovely walks of yours, enjoying all the wonderful Spring weather we've been having. Nothing to beat Nature, I agree :)

* Come and sit down and have a glass of wine, dear Sheila :)

I can just imagine the big surprise you came home unforgettable childhood memory :)

There are so many frogs in the ponds just now that we are almost deafened by the chorus each evening which goes on for such a long time...but, for me, it's magical :)

* The coming of the frogs each year makes me smile too, Barbara. It always seems a joyous event, and they certainly bring the garden to life in the nicest possible way :)

I hope your frogs come soon and bring the beauty of the Spring with them :)

* Welcome, Donell. Lovely to meet you :)

Stay awhile and find your prince :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Oh, hey now, that's some froggie action! I was going to ask what frog that is (most of ours are so tiny in comparison), but see you list it in the keywords. LOL Rana temporaria sounds so much nicer than common frog! Do you know the frog people stateside have changed the Latin name of our frogs so it's no longer Rana, to differentiate from the European varieties? I don't know the new species names, but it was mentioned at a meeting I attended!

A wildlife gardener said...

* Wonderful to see you, Monica, at our Barleycorn Leap-Frog bonanza :)

I understand the American bullfrog is known as Rana Catesbeiana, whereas the Green Tree Frog is called Hyla Cinerea. But since America is so vast and there are so many species of frogs living there, I am fairly ignorant of all their scientific names.

The changing of the American frogs' names reminds me of the Northern Gannet. We have colonies of them breeding off the east coast of Scotland on a little island called the Bass Rock. The gannets used to be called Sula Bassana...deriving from the word Bass. But they have been renamed Morus Bassanus. I'm not sure why.

In the breeding season we often take a sail out to the Bass in a little boat called the Sula...and it seemed more appropriate sailing in the Sula to see the Sula Bassana, rather than the renamed Morus Bassana :)

Laurie and Chris said...

What a great post. I remember you posting about this last year. I loved the video.

Kostas said...

The call of nature!
Amazing post, with marvellous photographs and beautiful video!

A wildlife gardener said...

* How lovely to have your company in the garden on this very cold day in Spring, Laurie and Chris :)

I'm so glad you liked the video. Thanks for popping by :)

* Welcome to you, Kostas. Lovely to meet you :)

I'm so happy you found the post interesting. I have had a look at your wonderful photos on your blog and I am most impressed :)

Sandy said...

Fantastic photos and post! I'm loving these frogs and you got such great photos and well great dialogue too!

A wildlife gardener said...

* Great to have your company, Sandy :)

It's always a pleasure to share the garden and its wildlife with you :)

swallowtail said...

Oh, how awesome this is! Your garden is obviously very healthy! I await photos of the tadpoles!

A wildlife gardener said...

* You are a very welcome visitor on this otherwise chilly, rainy day, Swallowtail :)

The frogs are fun to watch...and I'm looking out each day for progress in the spawn :)

earthmama said...

you are rich in amphibians!! great photos and exciting video! been listening to them chirp around here too. so nice after such a LONG winter! off to check out our frog activity!!


G3T Films said...

Another turn of seasons at Barleycorn. How fantastic.

You're very lucky to have your frogs. The other day when I was mowing the lawn we found a baby Blue-Tongued Lizard. The first one I've seen in two-three years. Unfortunately I didn't think to get my camera.

earthmama said...

Thank you for such a lovely comment! My boys sure do keep me in stitches. You made my day! Speaking of days...I do hope you have a blessed birthday celebration this weekend! It sounds like quite a reunion!! Enjoy!


A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome to you both on this beautiful Spring day, here in the Barleycorn garden :)

* Welcome, Earthmama. Lovely to meet you :)

The frogs are such fun in the Spring and their chorus is wonderful :)

* How wonderful to find a beautiful Blue-Tongued Lizard, G3T Films :)

The visiting wildlife is such a joy, for they bring the garden to life :)

earthmama said...

OH, and I wanted to let you know that we did in fact check out the frogs yesterday! All six (4 kids, mom & dad)trekked around the ponds & streams until dark watching and listening. It was great! Thanks for the inspiration!!

earthmama...again ; )

A wildlife gardener said...

* Welcome back, are most welcome. We all need inspiration to renew our enthusiasm :)

linda may said...

G'Day, I was singing along with you. He he. What sort of froggies are they? Horny toads? He he.

A wildlife gardener said...

Lovely to see you again, Linda May :)

That's what they were!...but they are actually known as Common Frogs here in the UK, though their scientific name of Rana Temporaria sounds much better... :)

Naturegirl said...

Wow powerful post! Yes how great THOU ART!! Enjoy Earth Day Wed...this is a perfect post for Earth Day! hugs NG

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