Tuesday, 1 July 2008

First Annual Poppies At Barleycorn in 2008

These are the first annual poppies to appear at Barleycorn this year. You will see where they fit into the story below.


Catherine said...

Gorgeous poppies ~especially paired with the blue!
Have a beautiful week!

Jeanne said...

Lovely my precious friend.
God bless you and yours real good.
I really appreciate your visits and kind words.
Love Jeanne

Cheryl said...

I have read the previous post and left a comment there....my thoughts are with you.....

SandyCarlson said...


Anonymous said...

"Where The Wild Things Are"!


shirl said...

Hi again, Wildldife Gardener :-)

So sorry to read about your loss below. Hopefully the poppies flowering will help.

Have a peaceful weekend in the garden.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oh yes, he may not be here in person anymore but Monster Man still makes your heart sing with all the lovely poppies he's sending you to enjoy.

linda may said...

Lovely aren't they! I love poppies.
Lovely story about Monstie. These are his poppies.

Marie said...

Beautiful :)

Bimbimbie said...

Tears are welling in my eyes over your wonderful tribute to Monstie, they really know how to find a place in our hearts these furballs as they make slaves of us *!* Wonderful timing of the flowering poppies, how's Taz doing? Heartfelt smiles*!*

Miranda Bell said...

These are beautiful - a lovely contrast with the blue!

Also thanks SO much for my little package that arrived this morning - that was really kind - any suggestions on the best way of growing? Rather than waste them I'd rather hear from the expert first!

Take care Miranda

The Garden Faerie said...

Hi Wildie, I've tagged you in a meme to learn Six Random Facts about you. Feel free to play, just list facts and don't tag others, or forget the whole thing. (I know some people like memes more than others; I just thought it was a fun way to learn a little more about bloggers I read).
~ Monica

The Garden Faerie said...

Wildie, SOrry--I linked back to you. The correct meme URL should be this.
~ Monica

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I LOVE those poppies mixed in with the blue! And I really like the way you left those little planting pockets in your patio/sidewalk, Wildlife Gardener. Very fun.

joey said...

Thinking of you during this glorious summer. Like Kim, I adore poppies, especially with blue.

A wildlife gardener said...

* A warm welcome, dear Catherine to our little corner of paradise :)

The blue and red go well together...hot and cold :)

* Belss you, dear Jeanne :)

* You are very kind to me, dear Cheryl :)

* Pretty poppies, Sandy, I agree :)

* Thank you, Anonymous, for commenting on my blog. I love all the Wild Things, which God made :)

* Thank you, dear Shirl, for your kind thoughts :)

* Dear Yolanda, he is still sending them and I am still thinking about him :)

* What a lovely thought...Monstie's poppies. Thank you, dear Linda May :)

* Glad you paid a visit, Marie :)

* Taz is well, thank you, Bimbimbie, and Cookie too. Monstie is still very much with me as well :)

* Glad your seeds arrived safely, Miranda. I sow them in autumn on top of the ground, as Nature does, and press them down gently. But I have also sown them in pots as well :)

* I will save the six random facts for a future date, Garden Faerie :)

* I like the planting between the paving, Blackswamp Girl. It softens the concrete :)

* I hope all is well with you too, dear Joey :)