Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Glory Of The Spring

The glory of the Spring how sweet!
The new-born life how glad!
What joy the happy earth to greet,
In dew, bright raiment clad!

Divine Redeemer, Thee I bless;
I greet Thy going forth; I love Thee in the loveliness
Of Thy renewed earth.

But o these wonders of Thy grace,
These nobler works of Thine,

These marvels sweeter far to trace,
These new births more divine.

This new-born glow of faith so strong,
This bloom of love so fair,

This new-born ecstasy of song,
And fragrancy of prayer!

Creator Spirit, work in me
These wonders sweet of Thine;

Divine Redeemer, graciously
Renew this heart of mine.

Thomas Hornblower Gill



Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of Spring.
I cannot wait.
Love Jeanne

Thanks for your visit and kind words.

A wildlife gardener said...

We had minus four degrees overnight, Jeanne, so I wish you a warm welcome. As you can see from the photos, the frost and snow we have had this Winter has not stopped the early Spring plants bursting forth with joy :)

Barbara said...

What a lovely poem and matching so well with your beautiful pictures. Did you write it, if not, who is the writer? Today we had again -6°C in the morning and actually I just come in from the garden (planting roses...but in pots!). I need a cup of tea now and warm up my fingers. But Spring is here in spite of the bad weather. Never mind!
Have a wonderful and happy Easter!

oldmanlincoln said...

You are way ahead of us with flowers. Wow. Everything is so nice.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Libbys Blog said...

So many lovely flowers I really must try and sort this out in my garden!!!

smilnsigh said...

Precious Spring photos!

Especially precious looking to me, who still has snow cover. And had more snow, last evening. -sigh-


A wildlife gardener said...

Welcome, Barbara...lovely to see you again. The words are from one of the old Scottish hymns I sang as a child. It used to be sung to the tune of 'The Three Mary's'. Mary Queen of Scots had three Ladies in Waiting, all with the name of Mary. I will need to look up an old hymnary to find out who the author was. I tried to do it online, but nothing came up. I will add it later when I have discovered the name of the author. Happy Easter to you too :)

Great to have you pop over for a visit, Abe. In the Spring calendar we are so far behind the south of England...about four weeks, in fact. Our daffodils don't come out until late April and May. But these flowers on the post are all I have in bloom at the moment as the frost nipped the early primulas this morning and have spoiled their blooms. I will just have to wait for the later ones :)

A wildlife gardener said...

Your garden is always a treat, dear Libby :)

I am truly thankful to see some bulbs at last, smilnsigh. I can well imagine you are longing for the same. The longest wait is just before the bulbs show forth. Never mind, Spring is just around the corner :)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Wg, ow, your spring garden in Scotland is looking so pretty. Thanks for sharing these photos. My spring bulbs are just popping up out of the ground now, they are about an inch or so out of the ground or so.

Glad you liked the Orchid photos, I have more to post, I just took too many to post all at once. : ) I also love growing orchids at home..what kind of Orchids are you growing on your windowsill?? I have 8 Phalaeonopsis and 1 Dendrobium. I have to in bloom at the moment, they are a real joy.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful words, and lovely flowers to enhance them. Then your precious pet, what a divine face.

Bimbimbie said...

Spring is looking gorgeous in all her glory within your garden *!*

G3T Films said...

Easter is NOT the time of year to be quoting hymns at us... wait... oh, yeah, right... ;)

Your cats look wonderfully content, must be nice to catch a sunbeam after winter. We're just running into Autumn down this way, luckily it's the best time of year in Sydney and still warm enough to have plenty of flowers around.

Laurie & Chris said...

So pretty! I can't wait until the snow melts so ours start coming up!!

Andrée said...

The cats in the sun made me feel so sad for my cats who still can't do that. Another snowstorm tomorrow (another foot), even I begin to get overwhelmed. Your flower photos are inspiring.

joey said...

Always inspiring to visit your piece of earth and hear your soul sing. Again, a beautiful post ...

helen said...

It`s beautiful to see all the life in your garden.
Happy Easter!

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welocme to you all on this blustery day here at Barleycorn.

Hello again, dear Ruth. I, too, like growing orchids indoors. I grow the same two species you mentioned as well as the zygopetalum. Our hearth is decorated with seven orchids at the moment :)

Lovely to have your company, Cheryl. Spring, especially in the early stages after the seemingly long Winter, awakens our spirits, and, in a sense, we are reborn once again to all its joys and wonders.

Happy Easter, bimbimbie! Spring has sprung here and we are so happy :)

Nice to see you, gt3 films. Being on the opposite hemisphere you will be moving into Autumn with all its delights. You will still be cosy and warm :)

Thank you for introducing yourselves, laurie & chris. You are most welcome. Spring will soon be with you :)

Thank you for the lovely compliments, Andree. I hope the snow goes away soon and your kitties get out to play in the sunshine :)

A warm welcome, dear Joey. you say such lovely things to me and I thank you...I'm also blushing :)

Happy Easter to you too, Helen. I'm glad you came on a visit :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The glory of the spring indeed! Love those glorious snowdrops and daffodils. When the garden starts to burst forth in flower then for me a new year has truly begun.

BTW love the pics of your 2 feline wonders! ;-)

Sandy said...

Beautiful post today, glad you updated. I love the white and purple flowers. And oh...the cat is so wonderful! The garden is looking great.


Sheila said...

You lucky lady, what beautiful spring flowers.
The snow drops are lovely.
We are much further South than you, (by about 12 degrees I think?)I wish we had the benefit of the Gulf Stream..!
We are still under several inches of packed snow, but it is slowly melting. It will be some time before I can share photos like these..

A wildlife gardener said...

Good morning to you, dear Yolanda Elizabet, and a warm welcome to our little corner of paradise.

I couldn't agree with you new year begins with Spring when I am reborn once again :)

Lovely to have your company, as always, dear Sandy. The purple and white crocuses are very striking, aren't they? And the kitties enhance the garden too :)

Snowdrops will always epitomise Spring for me, dear Sheila. Great to see you. Come and join us for a cup of tea. Very soon it will be Spring with you too :)

Layanee said...

Refreshing to the eyes and uplifting to the soul! Love your cat!

Gowri said...

Simply loved the poem! And of course all those bunches of pretty blooms! And what adorable kitties!

Sally said...

Beautiful W.G. Just, beautiful. Happy Easter!

A wildlife gardener said...

I am honoured to have so much company today...welcome Everyone :)

Thank you for the lovely compliments, Layanee. Yes, Monster is adorable...though Taz is too :)

Lovely to see you, dear Thalia. I knew you would like the pics of the cats and the sentiments of the hymn :)

Happy Easter to you, too, dear Sally, and thanks for visiting :)

A wildlife gardener said...

I have now added the name of the author of the Hymn for the New Year.

kate said...

Spring has definitely arrived at Barleycorn! Happy Easter to you, WG! Your Snowdrops, Hellebore, Daffodils and Crocus are wonderful sights.

I imagine you are making many walks through your lovely countryside.

Please give your Taz and Monster hugs for me.

Q said...

Happy Spring!
Seeing all your lovely spring flowers puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Thank you!
My flowers are slowly waking up.
Soon we will see the butterflies.
Many blessings to you and your gardens.

Miranda Bell said...

This is a beautiful poem - Happy Easter and enjoy your garden and all that it brings at this time of year - Miranda

Marie said...

WOW! What a beautiful post! I love your flower photos!

Marie :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

kari & kijsa

A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome to our little corner of paradise on Easter Monday.

It was too cold to walk today, dear Kate. I decided to work a little in the garden instead to keep myself warm. It was time to clear away some of the dead chaff from the geraniums and bag it up. I had snowflakes for company :)

Everything is just beginning to waken up here in our garden, Sherry. The bulbs are a welcome sight after the long Winter :)

The words of the hymn certainly express the joy I feel when Spring is on the way, Miranda. Happy Easter to you too :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos, Marie. Spring bulbs are always a treat :)

Happy Easter to you too, Kari & Kijsa. I hope you are having a happy day creating another of your amazing works of art :)

Becky said...

I especially love the photos of that little fur-face kitty.

A wildlife gardener said...

Thank you, dear do I :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Wonderful spring photos.

I am reading The Guynd right now, and dreaming about Scottish wildlife gardens :-)

Peter said...
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A wildlife gardener said...
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