Friday, 9 February 2007

Poppy Fairies.

After browsing through a seed catalogue recently, I found myself returning to a page where one particular species of flower was displayed in all its glory. The richness of the colours dazzled my eyes, and sent my mind racing back to the first time I can remember seeing them growing in a barley field.

The crop was golden, ready for harvest, and I remember the rustling sounds of the stalks swaying in the Summer breeze. I can picture them now, so vivid is the impression of those deep red cornfield poppies, growing along the edges and scattered throughout the field.

The more I gazed at the page, the more I saw myself standing in that field, though now with palette at the ready to capture their vibrancy with a few strokes of my brush. The flowers in question, without hesitation, are my favourites. From the day they first mesmerised me, they captured my imagination, and I became hooked for life and have been growing them ever since.

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