Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Ardent conservationists.

When we lived in a town for twenty years, we used to pile up our old newspapers and empty bottles in our garage and take them by car each week to the local recycling bins. Then we moved to the village where we now live. We still continue to save up the things we are able to recycle, this time in our barn. But we now have to travel ten miles each way to the nearest town with recycling facilities. Living in the heart of the countryside, we are not afforded the various coloured bins which recycle the different types of waste. These are only provided for the town dwellers.

Sixteen years ago we amassed a mountain of newspapers in the barn. We'd been gathering them for months. Next to them were the rolls of old carpets from the coup. After rolling them out to measure the area they would cover, my husband realised they were insufficient to requirements. There was no question about it. My husband would need to resume his tramp-mode and pay a few more visits to the local coup.

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